Vaqua Restorations Introduction

A professional, friendly and reliable company with an eye for detail offering in-house vapour blasting and dry blasting services with aluminium oxide and plastic bead for a range of metallic components. We also offer a degreasing service as well as a small polishing service.

Please see our gallery to see the sort of services to better show what we do, and the quality of finish that we achieve. Alternatively we’re on Facebook as Vaqua Restorations – vapour blasting for more up to date goings on!

To get in touch, please either call in if you’re local, the kettle is usually on and cold callers are more than welcome! Or ring 07411 423101 or simply use our contact form or email Please send images of what you have, to get an opinion or price estimation, time scale etc. Images can be sent via the contact form, email or via WhatsApp to the mobile number.

Then all you need to do is simply courier your items to us, leaving your contact details in with your items and a brief description of what they are. Once the items are completed you will be contacted, and once paid for, your items will be securely packed and returned to you by the courier of your choice and your cost.

Please feel free to drop your items in in person. If you’re local, I may even be able to pick up and drop off, personally, at no cost.


My Background

My name is Gareth Rogerson, I have over 30 years’ experience within the engineering industry. I completed an approved, in house, mechanical fitting apprenticeship at a company named Mirrlees Blackstone Ltd, which has sadly now gone. They were a company that manufactured industrial diesel engines for rail traction, marine propulsion and power production and ranged between 24 and 140 tonnes. During my apprenticeship I gained both ONC and HNC qualifications. Once out of my apprenticeship I worked on engine build as a mechanical fitter and engine test as an engine tester.

Following voluntary redundancy I worked for an agency for a short while as a mechanical fitter. I then retrained as a combustion specialist and heating engineer within the gas and oil sector. Carrying out work on gas, oil and dual fuelled combustion equipment. To include the official commissioning, servicing, fault finding, breakdown and repair of mostly industrial/commercial equipment together with domestic equipment. This involved working up and down the country at various sites to include; prisons, hospitals, schools and colleges, universities, MOD sites, together with various borough councils and consultants.

Work was carried out as an agent for several leading burner and boiler manufacturers. Such as, Riello, EOGB, Nu-way, Viessmann and Strebel, amongst others. Whereby I was tasked with official commissioning, fault finding and troubleshooting of new and existing equipment.

What we do

Currently in our workshop we are offering a vapour blasting service for non-ferrous motorcycle parts, car parts and a wide range of other engineering and household objects.

We are also offering a small part dry blasting service using aluminium oxide for corroded steel components. This is carried out in a cabinet and will give a far better and finer finish that being done in a blast room. Typical nozzle pressures involved on this machine are 40-100psi.

Also small part plastic bead blasting in a cabinet for the delicate removal of both paint and carbon from both ferrous and non-ferrous materials with no damage to the metal at all. Typical nozzle pressures involved on this machine are 3-45psi.

Component de greasing service in a hot wash (think large dishwasher) works with water and a detergent. The machine has an 800mm diameter basket and can take up to 50kg at a time. Certainly takes the time out of being stood at a paraffin tank or with WD40 and brake cleaner scrubbing away for hours and getting covered. However, there is a paraffin tank for getting the really greased up and burned on oil off before going through the hot wash, if needed.

A small parts polishing service.

Please view the gallery.

Over time we will be working towards adding other services as we go along. Please keep an eye on this website or Facebook for updates!